artShane projects

The Red Dot Gallery - Instagram

Shane has worked with Colin, the Red Dot Gallery owner, to create a classy yet fun grid for the social media account. Each set of 3 posts has a circle in the centre image to hint at the dot in 'Red Dot' the symbol for artwork 'sold'.

Social media is - as stated - supposed to be social; Shane and Colin are conscious not to bombard viewers with 'advertising', making sure that the Instagram is enthralling, entertaining and ultimately enjoyable. Without downplaying the exquisite quality and skill of the artists involved that are shown at the gallery.

Shane's light-hearted filmed segments, with Colin's wonderful showmanship (a seaside postcard style 'gossip' quickly reverts to serious discussion about the latest art) showcase the gallery's collections in a rewarding style for those that follow the account.

Worstead Festival - Social Media

The Worstead Festival is legendary; over 50 years the 'King of village fêtes' a countryside gathering entirely organised by volunteers that makes over £10,000 for charities and local good causes each event - this is situated in a very small village in East Anglia, England.

Shane took over the social media account after lock-down in the hope to persuade people to return and enjoy the countryside attractions once more and continue in the good work of the festival charity. It was a resounding success.

The social media is a bright and breezy catalogue of information, designed for instant recognition, ramped up as the once yearly festivities approach.

Worstead Station - Platform artwork

Loan Box and Gallery, plus station platform artwork.

The top half of the of telephone box has been turned into an art gallery, the bottom half is a book exchange library. Designed by Shane and co-ordinated with the Parish.

The station has artwork collages created especially to enhance the small village platform. Shane worked with various groups; the local preschool and primary school and other local artists - taking their drawings and collaging them into community artworks in a distinctly Shane style.

QEHW - Logo and Social Media

Queen Elizabeth Hall Worstead is the local village hall, it has events as diverse as Pickleball, film club and the standard community committee meetings, it is also a central space for the legendary Worstead Festival. There's a special room with weaving looms; fitting, as the history of Worstead is entwined in the weaving industry.

It's logo and social media has been spruced up.

Salhouse - Village Map

12 local landmarks illustrated and, a walking map designed to the satisfaction (or not) of the parish council committee - printed up and placed in four prominent positions to help the community and visitors navigate the pathways and areas of natural beauty.